Survey: 68% of People Say CBD Improves Sex

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But the majority of people have never thought to try it so can it be proven if CBD Improves Sex.

There is no shortage of products that
people use, or at least try, to improve their sex lives. Enticing lingerie, pills, sex toys,
handcuffs, you name it — the sex industry has something to suit everyone. But
these “enhancements” often mean adding something new or introducing change that
can feel uncomfortable. What if there was a simple, discrete way to have a
better sexual experience without adding more to the mix? No liquid courage, no
novel contraption, just you and your partner. surveyed over 1,000 people and found that of those who have tried CBD for sexual purposes, 68% of people said it improved their sexual experience, and others said it helped them relax or improved their overall mood. With options ranging from CBD lube to edibles, there are plenty of available choices for you to find the best enhancement method for your preference with no intoxicating effects, so you can just sit back and enjoy a sensual experience. There’s no need to get brave and try something totally out-of-the-box, perhaps just an infused gummy bear is all it takes.

Is it True CBD Improves Sex ?.

CBD is fairly new to the sex landscape, but
it’s a natural substance with a track record of aiding in relaxation. Although
CBD sex products are not FDA approved, the World Health Organization says it’s
a generally safe compound, both legally and physically. Right now, there are a
slew of available CBD and THC infused sexual enhancement products, as well as
several other lifestyle websites that promote CBD use across the web.

CBD Improves Sex
Is it True..

To learn if the added attention might
translate into people using oils, vapes, sprays, or edibles in new and
different ways, surveyed over 1,000 individuals
to see who may be using CBD products to improve their sex life, and in what
ways these products are being implemented. What
were a lot of people in need of better information about the potential of CBD
for sex.

Most people don’t know that CBD is an option.

Have you ever considered using CBD to spice up things in the bedroom? If not, you’re not alone, it turns out that a lot of people haven’t.

During the research, found that 94% of our 1,000 respondents had never used CBD for sexual purposes. Although there is a lack of medical research to back up the claims of CBD, peaches and screams. wanted to search for other reasons that could account for such a large portion of people that had never even considered using these products in the bedroom. started to ask themselves “Why are people not actively using CBD products for sex?” and is it true CBD Improves Sex found 96%
of people that had never tried CBD for sexual purposes were not aware of its
potential benefits. These results make it clear that there is not a lot of
available information explaining the positive effects of CBD for sex. Dr.
Laurie Mintz, a psychologist, tenured professor at the University of Florida,
and author of Becoming Cliterate: Why Orgasams Matter and How to Get It said “I
don’t know if [CBD] is something I would recommend or not, because I haven’t
done enough research, but I can say…I certainly don’t know of any reason that
it would be harmful to people.”

In addition to these numbers, 53% of people
said they didn’t know that CBD could be used for sex. These percentages
indicate there is some hesitation to use CBD for sexual enhancement due to a
lack of information about its effects, benefits, and risks.

So let’s talk about what no one else will,
and discuss sex and CBD use, including how it can affect people with sexual
anxiety, loss of libido, and other medical conditions that impede sexual

Those who tried CBD say it works. asked
people that have used CBD for sex about their experience, in the hopes that could shed some light on how this compound
plays a role in bedroom satisfaction. If you’re a part of the crowd that hasn’t
tried CBD for sex, or even knew it was possible, maybe it’s time to take a
closer look at what other people have to say about its effects on their sexual

In the surveys, found that 64% of people said that their mood
was affected positively when they used CBD for sex. This could correlate to an
increase in sexual desire, and an overall better experience due to an uplifted
mood. After all, you’re more likely to orgasm when you have increased
confidence and feel better about yourself, according to Woman’s Day.

In addition to improving mood, medical research studies have indicated that CBD can benefit people who suffer from anxiety. Our survey found 64% of people said they use CBD for sex as a way to relax. CBD can lessen feelings of performance anxiety and other insecurities, and lubrication products that include CBD provide added sensation that can make it easier to focus on your body during sex. Certified Somatica® sex and intimacy coach XanetPailet said “daily life stress, as well as anxiety related to performance, can kill your sex drive and create challenges in the bedroom. For women, orgasm happens at the intersection of high arousal and high relaxation, so the more relaxed you are, the easier it will be to experience pleasure.”

Other Uses of CBD Oil.

While CBD can help with anxiety symptoms
and provide added stimulation, it also has other health advantages for females.
According to WebMD, 43% of women experience some form of sexual dysfunction,
ranging from painful vaginal muscle spasms to the inability to have orgasms at
all. CBD can help with muscle relaxation, pain relief and inflammation, as
recent studies have shown that cannabidiol has anti-inflammatory properties.
This means that CBD poses an interesting offer to women who suffer from medical
conditions that make sex difficult or less enjoyable, such as:

  • Endometriosis
  • Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS)
  • Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID)
  • Trauma
  • Chronic pain
  • Muscle spasms

Prescription drugs for some of these
conditions can have less than desirable side effects, like vaginal dryness and
even bone loss according to Mayo Clinic. Although CBD is not a substitute for
these medications, it has added potential to make sex a possible and
pleasurable venture for women that may otherwise feel pain or discomfort during
intercourse. Relationship expert and psychologist Antonia Hall further
supported the use of CBD in the bedroom by saying “CBD can increase blood flow
and has been shown to be especially helpful in menopausal women…[it can also]
reduce pain, which might otherwise inhibit sexual desire. ”

It’s On the News.

Medical News Today also noted that CBD may
be able to help women as they go through menopause. At a time in her life when
a woman is suffering from hormonal changes that cause sleep, mood, and
temperature irregularity, CBD may be able to stabilize these fluctuations.
During menopause, women can also introduce CBD into their sex life, as it can
reduce dryness and increase sensitivity—in a good way.

Although females can find great
satisfaction from using CBD during sex, men can also find it useful in
decreasing feelings of performance anxiety. According to a study published by
the Journal of Sexual Medicine, erectile dysfunction currently affects 1 in 4
men under the age of 40 that are seeking treatment for this condition, and it’s
possible that CBD may increase male arousal just at it improves libido in

Overall, 39% of people said that CBD use
was extremely effective during sex, while another 28% said it was very
effective. The efficacy of cannabidiol products may refer to the added
sensations, or its ability to reduce anxiety, increase sex drive, elicit a
positive mood, and relieve pain — it just depends on the person.

Most people took CBD gummies before sex.

For those looking to improve their sexual
experiences through CBD consumption, the majority of people asked had chosen to eat CBD edibles — gummies
were particularly popular since they are small, tasty and less intimidating to
new comers. These products are easy to take and may have a more steady effect
on your body, as they are metabolized slower than a tincture. Second to edibles
was vaping methods, meaning that CBD was inhaled through the lungs.

Other options like lubricants and topical
treatments were used less among respondents,
although they offer perks of isolated stimulation to the application site.
Foria—a company dedicated to natural enhancement products—even has a lube that
doubles as an oral spray called “Awaken.” The founder of Foria, Mathew Gerson
said, “Foria Awaken contains our proprietary extract of kava kava root (which
stimulates the same receptors as THC), so you get analgesic qualities of the
kava, paired with the CBD and other herbs that are interacting with the
endocannabinoid system—all helping to soothe pain, and enhance the body’s
natural arousal processes.”

Some people replaced prescriptions with

It is true that 68% of people in the survey said that CBD Improves Sex, regardless of their method of use. But CBD may affect everyone differently, and the way in which you use these products can also contribute to how it enhances your sex life. It’s important to personalize your experience. Choose a lube or topical application for added stimulation, or ingest edibles that may reduce anxiety symptoms for a less stressful, and all around more satisfying sexual encounter.

It’s also worth highlighting that 44% of
people found CBD useful enough to replace an over the counter relaxant.
Although do not promote the substitution of any
prescription medications with CBD, unless instructed to do so by your doctor,
it seems that these findings provide some support towards the health advantages
of using CBD.

It’s important to note that regardless of
the number of people that report CBD products having positive effects in their
sex life, this may not be true for everyone. Sexual psychologist Dr.Mintz said
it best, “I promote couples try anything they mutually agree upon that they
want to experiment with. If they want to give [CBD] a try I don’t see any
reason why not, but I would not promote it as a magic bullet.” With that being
said, the risks associated with CBD use and sex are very low, but it’s still a
good idea to run the idea by a trusted medical professional if you’re wary
about trying CBD.

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